Research Question: Which characteristics of Gujarat’s districts were correlated with higher levels of healthcare utilization and delivery?

An analytical paper that examines data derived from India’s 2011 Census, showing the correlation between various characteristics of Gujarat’s districts, such as the proportion of vulnerable populations, literacy rate, educational attendance, and rural population, with the utilization and delivery of healthcare. Ultimately, it was shown that the higher the rural population of a district, the lower the number of C-sections conducted. Additionally, a higher the literacy rate was positive correlated with the number of C-sections conducted. Graphs below depict these conclusions.

I’m also currently working on a profile piece that documents the traditions and living conditions of three different tribes in Valsad, Gujarat (a state in India). This piece will reflect my experience conducting research in the area in the summer of 2019. I surveyed and interviewed around 75 individuals on education, marriage, healthcare, and rituals that tribal members practiced.

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